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TipsForSuccess: Your Potential

TipsForSuccess: Your Potential

Your Potential

At some point, you may have decided you were a failure. You realized might not accomplish your goals. You lost your optimism.

You give up because you make mistakes. You do a few things that you regret. You avoid responsibility.

On top of that, you get hammered with criticism. You are told you are bad or worthless.

Fortunately, you have an unlimited amount of power under your control.

"Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe." -- L. Ron Hubbard

What is a potentiality? "The capacity for growth or development; a possibility; power." If you were sitting on a box of dynamite, you would be sitting on a potentiality. The dynamite isn't exploding . . . but it could.

You ARE sitting on a box of dynamite; and it's big!

Your Potentialities

Right now, you are capable of making improvements in your career or your life that are more significant and satisfying than anything you have ever done. You can potentially shatter your past achievement records, eliminate your worst problems and feel absolutely great. Everything you have done in the past becomes minor compared to what you can do in the near future.

Most people have the wrong idea about success. They believe "you can only do so much," or "you just need to keep on trying" or "success takes time." Such thinking slows you down and limits your lifetime achievements.

Instead, you can simply take a new view of yourself, your habits and your thinking. And then ACT!

To make a significant, instant improvement in your career and life, you must jump out of your rut. Overcome your addiction to safe, conservative plans. Break out of old patterns and find new attitudes.

Don't settle for small improvements. Do something bold and exciting. Find a destination you passionately want and explode!

Your Destination

When you plan a vacation, you don't start by examining the route. You start by choosing a destination. The route is obvious when you focus on the goal. The bigger the destination, the more exciting the trip.

What is the most exciting destination you can imagine for yourself? What objective makes your heart pound? What goal lifts your mood when you think about it?

These are your potentialities. These are your dreams. These are what you now have permission to believe!

To get there, start by concentrating on the end result. Put yourself in the picture you have always hoped for. You envision goals that are right for you.

Then you must act. Take a small step, a large step or a leap. Any progress will lead to more progress, as long as you remember to think of your ultimate success. The time to start is now.

Light your dynamite!

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