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TipsForSuccess: What To Do When You Feel Outraged

TipsForSuccess: What To Do When You Feel Outraged


What to Do When You Feel Outraged

Getting angry is the correct response in some situations. Yet blowing up and overreacting can ruin your relationships and future success.




Some people hide their anger, but eventually explode. "He makes me mad every day, but I never say anything. Then today he called my mother a cow and I happened to have a pipe in my hand and . . . "

Jumping to the wrong conclusion can also hurt your future success. "She never called me back so I guess she doesn't want to do our deal. SHE'S AN IDIOT!! I WON'T EVER WORK WITH HER AGAIN!!"

Great Advice for Anger

"Listen and question before you decide you're outraged." -- L. Ron Hubbard

By listening and questioning, you find the correct problem and see a better solution. For example, "You missed our meeting because your car broke down? Sorry to hear that. My husband happens to sells cars and can help you . . ."

By listening and questioning, you get angry at the person who deserves it, not everyone in the vicinity. "Has anyone seen my laptop? Joe took it? Okay, thanks."

Give it a try!


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