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TipsForSuccess: Courage


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How would you feel if:

You are walking down the sidewalk and a guy walks up to you and demands money.

You are driving down the road and a police officer pulls you over.

You are asked to speak to a large group.

Your boss starts to scream at you.

The neighborhood bully wants to talk to you.

As someone who wants to succeed, you need courage to deal with anything that scares you. You must face your fears head on. You need several types of courage.

The courage to be criticized.

The courage to say "no."

The courage to make decisions.

The courage to tell the truth.

The courage to face the facts.

The courage to be in the minority.

The courage to hold a position.

The courage to admit you are wrong.

The courage to trust others.

The courage to accept responsibility.

The courage to disagree.

The courage to change.

Without courage, success is impossible.

"A person of high courage is a valuable associate and group member, but a coward is a dangerous liability as a friend." -- L. Ron Hubbard
, from Science of Survival

Each time you use more courage, you enjoy several benefits.

You feel calm and peaceful. Difficult problems suddenly disappear. Your confidence soars to new heights.

Managing your business, job or career becomes easier. You feel more energy. You sleep better.

People follow your example. You inspire others to be more courageous. You feel powerful.

Eight Articles to Help You Increase Your Courage

1. You have more courage if you are passionate. To do this, put new fire under your purposes. See "The Power of Passion" at

2. Make steady, orderly progress. Never give up. See "Orderly Progress = Power" at

3. Communicate! You will often find the courage to communicate is all you need to resolve difficult situations. See "When in Doubt, Communicate" at

4. Prepare for a confrontation. Write down your plan of action. See "How to Handle Difficult People" at

5. Lighten up. Your odds of success are much greater if you are less serious. See "Being Too Serious Can Drive You Crazy" at

6. Look at the challenge as an opportunity. Every time you go through a difficulty, you become stronger. See "Fishing Story: The Benefits of a Challenge" at

7. Look for yourself. Horses are often terrified of puddles they step in and realize the water is only an inch deep. Once you actually talk to a bully, you find it's not such a big deal. See "Operating with the Truth" at

8. Be a professional. Assuming a professional attitude includes courage. See "Are You a Professional?" at

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