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Five Tips for Raising Children

As a parent, if you know what you are doing, your life is enriched by your children. Your son or daughter becomes a happy and productive asset to society. You create a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Even if you have no children, you help the future of our society by passing on these tips to parents.

Tip 1: Owning the Child

"You're well and enjoy life because you aren't owned. Your American forefathers fought slavery twice -- 1776 and 1861. You couldn't enjoy life if you were shepherded and owned. You'd revolt. And if your revolt was quenched, you'd turn into a subversive*. That's what you make out of your child when you own, manage and control him." -- L. Ron Hubbard
(*Subversive: someone who wants to ruin someone or something.)

Tip 2: Controlling the Child

"You want to raise your child in such a way that you don't have to control him, so that he is in full possession of himself at all times. Upon that depends his good behavior, his health, his sanity."

"Children are not dogs. They can't be trained like dogs are trained. They are not controllable items. They are, and let's not overlook the point, men and women. A child is not a special species of animal distinct from man. A child is a man or woman who has not attained full growth." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Tip 3: Restraining the Child

"How would you like to be pulled and hauled and ordered about and restrained from doing whatever you wanted to do? You'd resent it. The only reason a child doesn't resent it is because he's small."

"You'd half murder somebody who treated you, an adult, with the orders, contradiction and disrespect given to the average child. The child doesn't strike back because he isn't big enough. He gets your floor muddy, interrupts your nap, destroys the peace of the home instead. If he had equality with you in the matter of rights, he'd not ask for his 'revenge.' This revenge is standard child behavior."

"You say that if he is not restrained from pulling things down on himself, running into the road, etc., he'll be hurt. What are you as an adult doing to make that child live in rooms or an environment where he can be hurt? The fault is yours not his if he breaks things." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Tip 4: The Child's Most Important Goal

"Perhaps the single most important point to make clear to the parents is the importance of giving goals to a child, and that the most important goal is that of growing up to be an adult." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Tip 5: Children Rights

"A child should have responsibility and independence commensurate* with his status as a child."

"But under no circumstances should he be possessed automatically of as much right as an adult in the sphere of the home. To give him this is to remove the main goal of his life: growing up." -- L. Ron Hubbard
(*commensurate: corresponding in size; proportionate)


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