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TipsForSuccess: ARC Part 8: The Ultimate Self-improvement Tool


The Ultimate Self-improvement Tool
Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC)

Affinity: how well you like or love a person.
Reality: how much agreement you have with a person; what you agree to be real.
Communication: your exchange of information and ideas.
Understanding: The combined result of affinity, reality and communication.

Part 8: ARC for Yourself

As you have read in the earlier seven articles on ARC, you can use ARC to improve your friendships, marriage, job skills, sales skills, negotiating skills and management skills. You build an incredible level of understanding with people by increasing your reality, your communication and your feelings of affinity.

How you treat yourself is the subject of this final article on ARC. Your success in life depends on how you feel about yourself. How high your ARC is for you!

"In order to have an understanding of yourself, you must have good ARC with yourself."

"It is not evil to like yourself or love yourself."

"A healthy state of being is to be a friend to yourself." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Do you like yourself? Do you think you're a pretty good person? Are you proud of being you?

Do you agree with you? Are you honest and real with yourself? Do you agree with how you do things?

Do you communicate with yourself? Do you spend time alone to sort out your current condition, needed improvements, goals and so on?

If not, your ARC for yourself is low and you will not succeed.

For example, Dr. Joe secretly knows he is not a good physician. While in medical school he drank excessively, cheated on his tests and barely graduated. As a practicing doctor, he prescribes drugs for himself to further escape reality. He won't face the issue with himself (no communication), disagrees with what he is doing (poor reality) and as a result, hates himself (low affinity).

During a minor operation, Dr. Joe almost kills a patient with too much anesthesia. Luckily, his nurse stops him before it's too late. Because he is shocked, Dr. Joe takes a few days to dry up and get his life together.

He sits down and really communicates with himself. He writes down everything he is doing wrong. He lists all his lies, all his acts of cheating and how he avoided a real education. He also lists the good things about himself. He comes to grips with reality and decides he can actually make his bad life into a good one. He decides to close his practice, go back to medical school and do things correctly. Even though his ARC for himself has been near the bottom for years, it now starts to go up.

As another example, Sarah wants to succeed as an artist, but spends too much time trying to please others. She is terrified of failure and rejection and so only paints what successful painters have painted.

When she decides to increase her ARC for herself, she discovers she dislikes herself the most when she "sells out" her true reality. She denies herself when she acts like someone she is not; when she paints in a way she thinks others will admire.

So she stops caring what others think and paints a piece from her heart. She pours in her passion, her feelings of beauty and her love. Within a few hours, she paints the most amazing picture she has ever seen. Her ARC for herself soars to a new level.

Naturally, everyone who sees her painting is also amazed. They say it is unique; a true original; a thing of beauty. Sarah's career takes off.


Self confidence starts by having high ARC for yourself. You are less afraid of failure and rejection. You have a level of self-respect that others cannot damage.

You have more certainty in yourself as you know and understand who you are, where you are going and what you will achieve.

Because you believe in yourself, you make steady progress toward your goals. The problems and barriers you face are easy to overcome because you know you are capable of great success.

With ARC for yourself, you face what you do that is right and wrong. You make changes to stop hurting yourself and earn a happier life.

Because you have high ARC for yourself, you are your own best friend. You are never lonely.


1. Take some time right now to communicate with yourself. Be honest with yourself. Face the facts about where, what and who you are and who you can become.

2. Sort out what you are doing that you agree with and that you disagree with. Decide to stop doing the things you know are wrong for you. Start to do more of the things you are doing with which you agree.

3. Make a list of the things you like about yourself. Admire yourself for those things of which you are most proud. Be nice to you.

4. Continue to maintain and improve your relationship with yourself. Do more things that build your understanding of yourself.

Constantly build your ARC for yourself and the world will follow your example.

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