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TipsForSuccess: What the Universe Gives You



What the Universe Gives You

Where do you spend your energy?

Do you use it yelling at your spouse? Surfing the web? Watching television?

Or do you spend your energy working hard? Helping people? Learning new things?

"That which a person works hardest on, he winds up having. That's one of the fundamentals of this universe. That to which he devotes energy, he finally has." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, if you spend your energy on parties or sporting events, you end with memories of parties or sporting events. If you work hardest at making your enemies wrong, you end with enemies who are wrong. If you spend your energy worrying about being penniless, you end up being broke.

If, however, you spend that same work and energy doing something that makes you money, you end up with more money. If you spend your time finding a spouse, you get a spouse. If you spend your energy learning new skills, you have new skills.

How do you spend your energy? On what do you work the hardest? That is what you have, right?


Use this simple, yet powerful idea to get what you want from life.

1. Write down three things that you want. Do you want a successful business? Love? A healthier body? More intelligence? Happiness?

2. Devote your energy just to those things. Work hardest on those and nothing else.

3. Don't be too surprised when you suddenly get them!

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