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TipsForSuccess: Does Money Control You?

Is Money Controlling You?

Do you control money or does money control you?

10 Signs Money Is Controlling You

You constantly worry about having enough money
You often wish you could buy more things
Your only goal in life is to get rich, but you have no realistic plan
You spend money to feel better
You blame others for your financial problems (government, boss, spouse)
You judge people based on the amount of money they have
You lie, cheat or steal to get money; even a little lying or cheating shows money is controlling you
You take unnecessary financial risks
You use credit to buy things that decrease in value, such as expensive cars or expensive clothing
Money controls your mood-you feel good or bad based on your finances

10 Signs You Are Controlling Money

You decide to buy something, save the money, and get what you want
You buy things that increase in value
You invest in yourself, such as more education or personal improvement
You donate to causes you believe in, even if just small amounts
You keep your financial agreements
You have good credit
You pay your taxes
Cheating you out of your money is very difficult
Each year, your earning power improves and financial worth increases
You use money as a tool to follow your dreams and reach your goals

Five Ways to Control Money

1. Spend your money according to a plan.


If you spend money as you get it, or to pay off squeaky wheels, you have no plan. You spend a few bucks here and a few bucks there until your money is gone. Instead, take control and write a financial spending plan. Decide in advance how you will spend your money.

When you plan your spending, you make better decisions. Examples: "If I buy these extra classes, I'll get a raise." "I want a new car and will set aside $60 per week until I have the full amount." "If I pay off this credit card with the minimum payments, it'll take me 23 YEARS to pay it off! I'd better pay $100 extra each month and cut the stupid thing in half!"

2. Never spend more than you make.

"Make all the money you can. Spend less than that. That's the simple ABC of financial control." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When planning your spending, ensure you follow the above rule. For example, "Each week I will set aside $______ for the house, 10% to education, 5% to savings, pay current bills and buy food. Anything left can be spent on fun things like movies and vacations."

3. Stop wasting your time trying to get money without earning it.

"One has to produce something to exchange for money." "One exchanges something valuable for something valuable." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Do not gamble, play the lottery or try to cheat others. Do not wait for your fortune to arrive or expect someone to hand you money. Count only on yourself.

Get rich the old reliable way. Create something valuable and exchange it for the money you want. You deserve it, because you earn it.

4. Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work.

"Produce in abundance and try to give better-than-expected quality." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, if you give haircuts for a living, find ways to make your customers' hair look more beautiful. If you fix furnaces and usually fix two per day, figure out how to fix three furnaces per day . . . and then train and manage other furnace-repair people.

5. Make constant, steady progress.

*(Totality: quality or state of being total or complete.)

Keep track of your financial progress. For example, make a graph showing your total debts and total savings. Then make sure your savings go up every month and your debts go down every month, even if just a little bit.

When you know you are steadily improving your financial condition, you are controlling it.

Once you are in control of money, you can focus on your more important purposes.

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