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TipsForSuccess: "Where to Find Great Advice"


Where to Find Great Advice

How do you form your opinions? Do you use other peoples' opinions . . . or your own?

How do you make important decisions? Do make them based on what others want you to do . . . or on what you want to do?

You might be happy to know that when it comes to successful living, the person you need to listen to is YOU!

"Be your own advisor, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When someone asks you for advice, what do you do?

First, you would consider that person's problems and needs. You might do some research and put some thought to your answer. You would consider several options for this person.

Once you knew the right advice to give, you would give it clearly and with confidence.

You can and should be an excellent advisor to yourself. You advise yourself just as carefully as you would advise a good friend. As a result, you gain more confidence in your own opinions.

When you keep your own counsel, you keep your ideas and plans to yourself. You privately consider your needs and wants. You work things out alone.

When you make a decision, you do not go around and asking people what you should do. You decide for yourself. You base your decision on what is right for you. You then stand firm on the decision you make because it is yours.


1. Write down a problem for which you need advice.
2. Write down what you would do or say if someone else asked you for that advice.
3. Do those steps or take that advice.

For example, you need advice on how to handle your finances. Your bills are growing faster than your income. You ask yourself, "If a friend of mine had this problem, what advice would I give?"

You instantly know what you would say, "Hey now! You need to earn more than you spend! You need to make more money! And stop spending money on stupid things. Get those bills paid off, too!"

You laugh that you already know the best answer. You take your own advice and write a plan that straightens out your finances. You keep your plan to yourself and just do it.

You are being your own advisor, keeping your own counsel and making your own decisions.

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