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TipsForSuccess: To Succeed, You Need to Follow the Law


To Succeed, You Need to Follow the Law 


Breaking the law is not only foolish, it seriously hurts your chances for success. If you are caught, you ruin your image, pay fines or spend time in jail. Even if you are never caught, you always wonder if you might get caught some day.


Stupid people sometimes get the idea that the only way to succeed is to break the law. Maybe they think criminals are kind, funny or happy, just like they see in the movies. Yet in real life, criminals are just the opposite.


To succeed, you need to know the laws, follow the laws and encourage others to follow the laws.


1. "Any member of society, however, has a responsibility, whether young or old, for knowing what that society considers to be an 'illegal act.'" -- L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness


You can now find nearly every law in the world on the Internet. If you take the time to read the laws, and use a dictionary to help you understand each word, you will know exactly what is legal and what is illegal.


For example, Pete did not get a building permit to build a tool shed. He thought he had broken the law. But when he looked up the building rules online, he was delighted to learn a building permit was not required for his shed.


2. "Almost any worthwhile thing one is trying to accomplish often can be done in perfectly legal ways. The 'illegal' route is a dangerous and time-wasting shortcut. Imagined 'advantages' in committing illegal acts usually turn out not to be worth it." -- L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness


For example, Sarah, a store clerk, was stealing money from her employer. At first, she just borrowed pens and postage stamps. Then she figured out how to "borrow" $40 or more in cash each week. Over two years, she stole over $5,000 in cash and supplies. As a result, she felt so stressed by her job that all she could do at night was watch television and eat junk food.


Her coworker Chris never stole or borrowed anything. She enjoyed the job, loved the people and never felt stressed. Instead of stealing, she worked extra hours at night and earned a promotion. Her pay increased by $1000 per month.


3. ". . . make it known, if by as little as a frown, that you do not approve of 'illegal acts.'" -- L. Ron Hubbard from The Way to Happiness


You make a deep impression on people when you disagree with their illegal behavior. For example, a friend is bragging about how he cheated the government out of some money. He says, "That's great, right?" You frown and say, "No, I don't think so."


You actually increase your own happiness when you frown when people break traffic laws, cheat on their taxes, use illegal drugs, steal from others or even drop their trash on the ground.


Making it clear you do not approve of illegal acts also helps that person make better choices in the future.




1. If you do not know what is legal or illegal, find out.


2. Whenever you feel like breaking a law, find legal ways to get what you want.


3. Help others by encouraging them to follow the law.


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