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TipsForSuccess: Five Ways to Get Rich

Five Ways to Get Rich

If you think about it, there are only five ways you can get rich.

1. Gamble

Buy lottery tickets or spend your vacation time in a casino trying to hit it big. Unfortunately, most people, even professional gamblers, eventually lose all their money with this method.

2. Sue Someone

Get the driver of a new Mercedes to hit you and then sue. Fall and smash your face in a jewelry store and then sue. Pretend to find a severed finger in your can of soup and then sue. Unfortunately with this method, you can hurt yourself or wind up in jail like other con artists.

3. Marry a Wealthy Person or Inherit Your Money

Finding a rich person, who wants to marry you, may be difficult. Being nice to wealthy relatives until they die can take many years. In either case, you have little control of your future wealth.

4. Lie or Steal

Thousands of people try to steal your money through the internet, with investment schemes, by embezzling company money or with force. Yet like all thieves, they usually get caught and live out their lives in prison.

When you lie to get money, you not only feel guilty and think less of yourself, you reduce your ability to make money. You transfer your negative feelings of self worth to everyone around you. It's obvious to your honest friends why you are broke. Fortunately, you can increase your income with the most powerful approach of all.

5. Earn it

Yes, the best approach is also the easiest. You provide a service or product that people need and you deliver it. It's no more complicated than that.

You can then increase your income by improving and expanding your service.

"The greater the service delivered, the greater the income." -- L. Ron Hubbard

You work out ways to provide more qualities, services or products than you have ever offered before. For example, a real estate agent wants more income. In addition to helping people buy and sell homes, she expands her services by learning how to buy and sell business buildings.

Next week's article describes several more ideas of how you can increase your service capacity. Meanwhile:


Stop all of your efforts to make money without earning your money: gambling, lawsuits, through marriage or by cheating or stealing. Instead, earn your wealth with hard work and intelligence.  


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