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TipsForSuccess: Excuses Vs. The Supreme Test

Excuses Vs. The Supreme Test

When faced with a difficult situation, you either make up excuses or find solutions. If you prefer excuses, you have low production and stress. If you find and implement solutions, you pass the Supreme Test.


"This, of course, is a rather savage and brutal datum for it thrusts aside all justification, reasonableness, excuses and even does not take into account the size or obstacles of the opposition."

"People who explain how wrong it is all going and who have reasons why and WHO AREN'T PUTTING IT RIGHT are the real crazy people in the universe. The only ones crazier than they are, are the ones who are quite happy to have everything fail and go wrong with no protest from them. And the only ones even worse are those who work endlessly to make things go wrong and prevent anything from going right and oppose all efforts instinctively.

"Fortunately, there are a few around who DO make things go right in spite of everything and anyone." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Examples of Excuses

"My car was stolen and I have a cold. I'm taking the day off."

"January and February are always bad months because of the weather."

"I can't do any other projects right now because I'm switching to a new computer."

"Profits are down because the new guy is too slow."

"We can't fill more orders until we get a bigger space."

"I can't . . . . " "I'm doing my best . . . " "I tried . . . "

Examples of Passing the Supreme Test

"Even though my car was stolen and I have a cold, I made it to work and will do a great job today."

"If we complete the marketing plan, January and February will show a 5% increase."

"Give me those projects. I'll get them done while I set up my new computer."

"I'll train the new guy on Saturday."

"I will find a bigger space by Friday. Meanwhile, let's work faster and add five hours to the schedule."

"I will do whatever is necessary. . . " "Nothing will stop me." "I will make it go right."

If you want a highly successful career, you make it go right. If you want a successful business or group or department, you make it go right. You never give up, blame others or whine.

"Make it go right" applies to any area of your life. If you want a wonderful marriage, you create one despite all failures or obstacles. If you want to be a successful parent, you do the same thing.

To succeed in anything, you get educated. You communicate. You get assistance. You face and handle obstacles. You persist until you succeed.

What is the biggest problem you have ever confronted in life? If you had to solve that problem or go to jail, what would you do?

You would find a way.

Ten Tips on How to Pass the Supreme Test

1. Focus your attention into present time.

2. Make orderly progress.

3. Dive into problems.

4. Do not agree with anyone's excuses.

5. Learn more.

6. Take more responsibility.

7. Take better control.

8. Ignore the losses and make the wins firm.

9. Stay cheerful.

10. Persist until you win.


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