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TipsForSuccess: Taking Control Coaching Website

TipsForSuccess: Taking Control Coaching Website

New TipsForSuccess Coaching Website

You can improve your control over any issue, habit or problem at This new coaching system helps you write a plan to take control of your toughest problems. It uses the five control techniques described in the TipsForSuccess articles last April. See the beginning of Part One below.

The TipsForSuccess Coaching website is free. No personal information is required. The website uses the fastest programming language available so you can quickly move through the steps, even with a slow connection.

In the Planning Section of this interactive website, you type in answers to various questions to create an action plan that puts you in better control of anything. You then print your plan, e-mail your plan to yourself or save a copy of your plan to your computer.

Test Website

Your opinion about this website is very important to us. If you like how it works, we can create dozens of similar websites to help you succeed. Examples:

  • Financial coaching to boost your income.
  • Personal improvement coaching to overcome fear, increase your motivation, reduce stress and more.
  • Relationship coaching to improve your marriage or resolve relationship problems.
  • A personal page where you and a success coach can send messages, tackle problems, work out plans and so on.

Goal achievement system that helps you to set long-range goals and manage the details necessary to reach those goals.

Take a few minutes to test TipsForSuccess Coaching. Please fill out the feedback form so we know how an interactive coaching website can best help you in the future.

Taking Control, Part One

Like money or nuclear power, control can be used for good or evil. You can use it to harm, suppress or destroy lives. Or you can use it to help people, increase your income and improve the world around you.

Negative, destructive control gives control a bad name. Yet positive, constructive control is essential to successful living.

When you are not in control of your sphere of operation, you feel stress, fear and frustration.

When you are in control, you make progress, enjoy your work and achieve success.

Taking better control of yourself and your time, career, business, equipment, files, tools, marriage, family and life is much easier when you understand and apply these five facts about control.

1. Control is the biggest difference between success and failure.

2. Control consists of three parts: Start, Change and Stop.

3. Your control problems are based on your weaknesses with starting or changing or stopping.

4. If you try to control people or things outside your sphere of operation, you fail.

5. To succeed, you must let others control you.

1. Control Is the Difference Between Success and Failure

The greater your control, the greater your success . . .

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