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TipsForSuccess: Imagine Wild Success for 2005

TipsForSuccess: Imagine Wild Success for 2005

Imagine Wild Success

What do you expect in 2005?

A. Misery and problems

B. Ups and downs

C. More of the same

D. Moderate success

E. Wild success

If you selected A, B, C, D or E, that is what you will get!

Unreal Expectations

Most people WISH for a successful future, but they EXPECT problems and failure. They get what they expect and not what they wish.

For example, if you have no money, you might think it is stupid or unrealistic to imagine great wealth. All losers agree it is stupid to imagine wild success. (Maybe that is why they are losers.)

"I knew this restaurant would fail." "In the back of my mind, I expected this marriage would end in divorce." "I really didn't think I could become a doctor."

However, everyone who achieves wild success, a wonderful marriage or great wealth, will tell you the same thing: "I knew that sooner or later, I would get what I expected."

Make Up Your Mind

"Just imagine to yourself being able to conquer the whole cockeyed universe, doing anything you want to do, being utterly, completely unrestricted and free in all directions to do whatever you pleased--bad, good or indifferent--and being strong, powerful and unassailable.*" -- L. Ron Hubbard (*unassailable: impossible to oppose)

You can be healthy, powerful, rich, attractive, successful, smart, popular, honest, happy, in love, influential and more.

You can also be poor, unproductive, miserable, sickly, stupid, unfaithful, dishonest, worthless, depressed and so on.

What do you expect?

Your decision is the first step to controlling your physical universe. In a 1951 lecture, L. Ron Hubbard gave this example to his audience.

"If at this moment you simply made up your mind that you were handsome, beautiful, strong, dangerous, powerful, that you knew everything there was to know, that you were totally capable in any job that you undertook or any sport you undertook, and if you really believed that--and you CAN believe it--some of your faces would change physically before my eyes."

Give it a try!

1. Look at yourself in a mirror.

2. Make up your mind that you are handsome, beautiful, strong or whatever you wish. Really believe it.

3. Look in the mirror again.


You do not need to be almost wealthy to visualize great wealth. You just visualize great wealth!

You do not need to be in love to imagine a wonderful marriage. You can have a horrible, hateful marriage and still expect a loving marriage . . . even with the same person!

You do not need proof that you will be successful to expect it.

1. Visualize yourself succeeding. For great wealth, visualize yourself in possession of great wealth. Think of some of the things you would do with that money and then mentally start doing them.

2. You will run into opposition in your own mind. Your past decisions or past expectations will pop up to ruin your vision. If you hold on to your expectation of success, these mental oppositions will vanish.

Winners constantly think, "I can," "I will" and "I am." Losers think, "I can't," "I won't" and "I'm not."

You, and only you, can restrict your imagination.

3. The physical universe will also throw opposition at you. For example, you expect good health and then you get sick. You expect to be a great painter and then no one will buy your paintings.

When this opposition comes at you, so what? Do not change your mind. The problem is temporary. You will still get what you expect.

HOW you accomplish your expectations may vary, but if you hold on to your visions, they happen.

Many people say, "Seeing is believing." They might say, "I'll believe I'll get rich as soon as I see the checks arriving in the mail." They have no vision.

If instead you have a vision for your future, you will say, "What I see is what I get."

Persistence is the key. Hold on to your vision of success, despite all reasons you should not, and your dreams will become reality.

Imagine a Wildly Successful New Year!

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