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TipsForSuccess: How Do You Handle Life's Roadblocks?


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How Do You Handle Life's Roadblocks?

When you are trying to accomplish something, and get stopped, how do you respond? How do you handle the frustration?

For example, you want to be a successful singer. You take singing lessons, practice for two hours every day and learn as many songs as possible. You sing at a friend's wedding and feel ignored. You audition to join your church choir and do not get selected. Your mother even says, "Maybe you should take up the piano." What do you do?

Some people respond with grief. They cry and feel sorry for themselves. "Boo-hoo! I feel so bad!"

Others respond to failure with blame. "My education was so bad that I have no chance for success."

Still others blame themselves. "I'm such an idiot! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

Many people like to drown their sorrows. "To heck with it! I'm getting drunk."

Some prefer depression or apathy. "Life isn't worth living. I'm going to watch TV all day."

People often give up. "Becoming a singer was such a stupid idea. I'm going to become a lawyer instead."

What do you do?


"Intention is like a landmark.

"If you were traveling through unfamiliar country toward a snow-capped mountain, you would find that you sometimes took a wrong turn, but as long as you could see the mountain, you would make progress toward it. Sometimes obstacles would get in your way. Sometimes they would even hide the mountain from you. But there is one thing that would not happen. You would not forget to look for the mountain. You would know that you could not reach the mountain by forgetting its existence. You would laugh at the idea of forgetting to look for the mountain."

"Naturally, we cannot accomplish anything if we do not intend to accomplish anything. And intending is a continuous process."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

When you decide to accomplish something, you must keep your eye on the mountain.

For example, you do not lose sight of your goal to be a famous singer. You would ignore the losses and stay focused on the goal. "I will become a famous singer! I probably need more than two lessons and a week of practicing. If necessary, I'm going to take 20 lessons and practice for a full year!"

Luckily, intention is not difficult. Constantly looking for the mountain is easy. You just look.

As another example, you own a restaurant and have the goal of $10,000 profit per month. You figure out you will need around 200 happy, satisfied customers per day. You keep this mountain in mind at all times.

One day, your chef calls and says, "I got a better job in New York and I'm leaving today. Good luck to you."

You realize you'll be cooking a lot of food today and feel like closing the doors and going to a movie. Instead, you look for your mountain of 200 happy, satisfied customers. You persist in your goal.

You then realize your mother is a good cook and ask her to take over the kitchen for a few days. She agrees and doesn't even want any pay!

You run an ad and hire a new chef by the weekend. You continue hiking toward the mountain.


1. Write your top three goals. If you do not have three top goals, write down three big things you really want as your three goals.

2. Put the goals where you will see them several times each day. Examples: A note taped in your car. A screen saver for your computer. A postcard in your shirt pocket. A sticker on the inside of your wallet. Anywhere you will constantly see the goal.

3. Every time you get stopped by life's roadblocks, do not react, but instead look at your goal. Never forget to look for the mountain.

If you constantly look for the mountain, and passionately want it, you will persist. You will fight to reach it, day and night. You will give all the time and energy it takes to reach the top.

You will not give up, but will dream and sweat and plan for it. You will use all your strength, intelligence and hope. Nothing will have the strength or power to stop you.

If you constantly intend to reach the top of the mountain, and never change your mind, you will get there!

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