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TipsForSuccess: How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach


How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach

"Life is a series of attained goals." -- L. Ron Hubbard

You can now download a free 55-page e-booklet from called "How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach." This new e-booklet is a compilation of 15 TipsForSuccess articles based on quotes from L. Ron Hubbard. Go to

Because "How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach" is an electronic booklet, you can enjoy several benefits. For example, you click on website links, get the definitions of words and type in text. You can jump from one page to another, search for phrases within the e-booklet and e-mail your comments back to us.

Articles included in this new e-booklet include "Imagine Wild Success," "Personality Goals," "Marriage Goals," "No Goal, No Management," "Three Goal Qualities," "Your Unlimited Potential," "25 Goal Questions," "Taking Charge of Your Progress" and "What To Do After You Reach a Goal."

One of the new TipsForSuccess articles in the e-booklet, "Why You Need Goals" includes "Fifteen Signs You Lack Goals," "Top Ten Excuses for Not Setting Goals" and "Ten Benefits of Setting Goals." Here are five of the benefits from that list

Five Benefits of Setting Goals

1. If you have goals, you have direction. You can invest your time and effort in a specific way that pays off.

A race car that is chained to the ground is the same as having no goals. You push on the gas pedal and the engine roars. The tires spin and smoke. Yet no matter how hard you push on the pedal, you go nowhere.

If you have goals, you push on the gas and go to a destination. Your time and energy give you results. You get what you want from life.

2. Goals motivate you and give you energy.

For example, when you are preparing to go on vacation, you get a lot more done than normal. You have a clear, firm goal to finish several tasks and then go on your trip. The excitement of the vacation goal helps you work hard and fast without getting tired.

Without goals, you feel lazy. You cannot find the energy you need to succeed in life. You prefer to watch television.

3. You have more control of your life.

When events in life knock you around, goals can put you back in control. For example, you get arrested by the police and spend time in jail for something you did not do.

Yet the day after you are released from jail, you focus on your goals and continue onward. The bad incident does not ruin your life.

4. You can have greater confidence. You can take the initiative. You can be a leader.

For example, if you and your group were lost in the wilderness, but you alone knew the correct direction to hike, the group would eventually follow you.

You would not follow someone else. You would not sit down and worry. You would take the initiative and lead your group to safety.

5. Goals give you hope for a better future. Goals make you happier.

Watch the fans at a football or baseball game. They have a goal to win the game. For a few hours, the goal helps them escape the problems of life. Even if they lose, they have fun.

Goals give you the same benefit. They help make life enjoyable, even exhilarating. Goals give you a natural "high" you can never achieve from chemicals or other artificial means.

"Happiness could be defined as the emotion of progress toward desirable goals." -- L. Ron Hubbard

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Free E-Booklet

Deep inside you are the most exciting goals of your life. "How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach" may help you uncover these goals so you can move your life in a new, more interesting direction. The simple act of setting goals significantly increases your chances of success.

"How to Set Exciting Goals You Can Reach" not only helps you set goals that motivate you and guide you to your dreams, this e-booklet helps you take the first actual step toward your goals.

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