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TipsForSuccess: "No Means No!"


"No Means No!"

Is it easier for you to say "yes" or "no"?

If you are like most people, "no" is more difficult. Saying "no" is like telling someone they are bad or wrong. People might feel rejected if you say, "no."

However, if you can't say "no," you will take detours on your road to success.

"No" Regarding Money

To build wealth you must say "no" at times.

For example, if you manage finances for a business or organization, you probably know how often people try to get you to say "yes." Yet if you agree to every financial request, your group goes broke.

"It is up to a financial manager to be very, very, very tough and to learn how to say no, no, no, no. In fact, it would be a very good thing if he stood in front of a mirror for ten or fifteen minutes a day saying `no.'" -- L. Ron Hubbard

If you are the financial manager for a business or group, you must say "no" for the sake of your organization.

Even if you do not manage a group's finances, you ARE the financial manager of your personal finances. You also need to say "no."

"No" Regarding Time

Like money, your time must be spent wisely to build your success. In fact, your time is your most valuable resource. Yet your time decisions may not always be popular when people say things like:

"I just need a few minutes of your time."

"C'mon. Say 'yes' and let's go have some fun!"

"Will you do this project? It won't take long."

Yet to make progress in life, you must say "no."

"No, sorry, I don't have time for that."

"I'd love to goof off, but no, I'm going to study."

"Do I want to stop my work and help you with your job? Sorry, but no."

"No" Regarding Yourself

The most difficult person to say "no" to is yourself. However, like starting yourself and changing yourself, self-control requires you to stop yourself.

Breaking a bad habit is simply a matter of saying "no."

"No, I won't eat that box of chocolate donuts."

"No, I will not use my credit card to buy that new stereo system."

"No, I don't smoke now."

Telling yourself "no" is also essential to your success.

"No, it's not time to quit."

"No, this job is not perfect yet."

"No, I WILL reach my goals."


1. Write down situations when you should say "no" regarding money.

2. Write down instances when you should say "no" regarding time.

3. Write down examples when you should say "no" regarding your personal habits.

4. With one of these situations and examples in mind, say "no" to a mirror for ten or fifteen minutes.
You might be amazed at how difficult it is to say "no" to a mirror! After a while, saying "no" becomes as easy as saying, "yes."
Repeat for each of the above examples until saying "no" is easy (at least to a mirror).

5. Start saying "no" in every situation listed above as it comes up. Thanks to the mirror exercise, you will find saying "no" is much easier. Of course, your firm decision to say "no" is the key.

6. If you say "yes" or "maybe" when you should say "no," repeat the mirror exercise. Say "no" to a mirror for ten or fifteen more minutes.

Give it a try!

Copyright © 2006 All rights reserved. Grateful acknowledgment is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.

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