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TipsForSuccess: Two Simple Steps Anyone Can Take to Earn More Money

Two Simple Steps Anyone Can Take to Earn More Money

"Money flows toward points which attract prosurvival attention. You make as much money as you get attention." -- L. Ron Hubbard
(prosurvival: something that aids or assists you or others)

Step One

First of all, your work, your service or product, needs to be prosurvival or beneficial to as many people as possible. What is the most beneficial thing you can do or create or produce?

You can attract attention by committing a horrible crime, but instead of getting rich, you go to prison. You attracted contra-survival attention. By contra-survival, we mean you are hurting people, not helping them.

You attract prosurvival attention when you help people live a better life.

If you show how you can help people with their survival, happiness and success, you make money. For example, not long ago, computers began helping people and businesses in many incredible ways. As a result, thousands of people in the computer industry became millionaires.

Advertising proves this point about attracting prosurvival attention. For example, "Buy this gizmo because we're a big, successful company" doesn't work. "Buy this gizmo! It will clean your bathtub for you" does work because it's helping people survive a little better in life.

On an individual level, you need to show how you are prosurvival. How you help people. How you help your company, your co-workers, your clients or customers. How you help the world!

Step Two

Now you attract attention every way you can.

Businesses that attract attention succeed. For example, McDonald's and Wal-Mart dominate their industries, but they continue to spend millions in advertising.

You, as an individual, can also attract attention. You simply tell people about your prosurvival product or service. You brag it up!

For example, a friendly, helpful car salesman always wore a green hat. Like many salesmen, he truly helped people. All his customers remembered and recommended him, not by his name, but as the "guy in the green hat." The hat got him attention and he wore it every day for decades. According to car sales legend, he sold more vehicles than anyone in history.

Unfortunately, when you start to attract attention, you might get kicked in the teeth. Certain people will go out of their way to make you shut up. They hate the idea of you succeeding.

So what?

If you respond to criticism by getting quiet, the bad guys win.

If you respond by attracting even more attention than before, you win!

Ten Tips For Attracting Prosurvival Attention

While the best ideas for attracting prosurvival attention will come from your own imagination and successes, the following ideas can help you get started.

1. Spread the news about your good work to everyone at your job, especially your boss.

2. Strike up conversations with strangers whenever possible.

3. Show something unique about yourself, like the man in the green hat. Stand out from the crowd.

4. Go to social events and meet as many new people as you can.

5. Share stories about your happy customers with other customers.

6. Get your family and friends to talk about the many ways you help people.

7. Learn how to speak in public and give speeches at every opportunity.

8. Post your prosurvival ideas on the web (blogs, bulletin boards, forums, your own website).

9. Look and act like a professional at all times.

10. Do things that are so beneficial that others are compelled to spread the news.

You'll soon see more money flowing your way.


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