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TipsForSuccess: A Major Source of Stress with a Simple Solution


A Major Source of Stress with a Simple Solution

"It could be said that there are introverted personalities and extroverted personalities. An extroverted personality is one who is capable of looking around the environment. An introverted personality is only capable of looking inward at himself." -- L. Ron Hubbard
from The Problems of Work

If you are introverted, your world is very small. It includes you and your immediate surroundings, but not much more. Most of your attention is on yourself.

If you are extroverted, your world is very large. You see everyone around you. You can better understand what is happening in your family, your group and your community. Your attention is out and away from yourself.

This is how you might get introverted.

* You read papers and reports at work, then go home and read newspapers and books.

* You stare at a computer screen all day, then go home and stare at a TV screen all night.

* You give instructions or orders at work, then go home and drive your spouse and kids crazy with instructions or orders.

When you are introverted, you feel stressed. You cannot sleep well. You are on edge.

This explains why vacations are so much fun! Before the vacation, your attention is focused inward. You feel exhausted, mentally drained and overwhelmed. You then travel to a new location and look at mountains, buildings or oceans, for a change. Your attention goes outward and you become extroverted.

Fortunately, you can get extroverted any time you like, without the time or cost of a vacation.

A Simple Solution

Whenever you feel introverted, take a few minutes to move your attention outward by taking a walk.

"When one feels tired on finishing his work, no matter if the thought of doing so is almost all that he can tolerate without falling through the floor, he should go out and walk around the block until he feels rested." -- L. Ron Hubbard

For example, instead coming home from work and continuing to read papers or watch a screen like you have been doing all day, take a walk and you'll feel refreshed and happy.

Do you ever feel too tired to sleep? Take a walk and you'll feel relaxed and sleepy.

Can't get your mind off your problems or a fear? Take a walk and get extroverted. Your problems or fears become easier to deal with.

Give it a try! Walk around your neighborhood or a park. Feel the air, look at the sky, listen to the birds, wake up your senses, focus on the present. Take this mini-vacation until you feel relaxed and optimistic.

If you cannot get outside, walk around your home or yard. Touch and feel the textures of objects. Find something new to look at. Keep putting your attention on your surroundings until you extrovert.

When you are extroverted, you think more clearly. You treat people more rationally. You feel relaxed and in control.

To succeed you need to be extroverted. So take a walk!

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