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TipsForSuccess: Step One is BE a Success


Step One: BE a Success

Jane wants a healthy body. Andy wants a successful accounting firm. George wants a big happy family.

All three know how to reach their goals. Jane knows she needs to control her diet and exercise every day. Andy knows he needs to promote his accounting practice and provide outstanding service to his clients. George knows he needs to learn more about raising children and to spend more time with his family.

Yet they never actually DO the steps they must do to HAVE the results they want to have. Why not?

Be, Do, Have

As you know, to HAVE the things you want, you need to DO certain actions. For example, before you can HAVE money, you need to DO things to earn the money. You need to identify the most valuable product or service you can provide; show people the benefits of your service or product; deliver this service or product in high volume and high quality; collect money, expand your operation, learn from your mistakes and so on.

What you may not know is that one other condition must exist before you can succeed.

"The ability to be is more important than the ability to do. The ability to do is more important than the ability to have." -- L. Ron Hubbard

That's right! BEING is more important than DOING or HAVING!

The Correct BE

Do you know that you can BE anything?

Remember when you were very young you could BE a race car driver in the morning, a king in the afternoon and a famous singer after dinner?

It's not only fun to BE something new, it is VITAL for your success.

For example, Jane, who wants a healthy body, wants to exercise every day. Yet instead of forcing herself to start jogging, she works on the BE. She puts on her running suit, her running shoes and her running hat. She stretches her muscles like a runner. She straps her portable stereo to her arm, puts on the headphones and turns on some rock ‘n' roll.

By the time she finishes preparing, she can't wait to go out and start jogging. She feels healthy already! Because she is BEING a healthy runner, the DO is much easier. She goes outside and enjoys her run.

What identity should Jane take if she wants to control her diet? Maybe a diet expert? Perhaps a gourmet cook who specializes in healthy food? She certainly shouldn't just BE a hungry person.

What must George BE to do the steps necessary to have a successful family? In his case, he might need to take off every other "hat" in his life and put ON his family hat. Perhaps he puts on an old soft sweater, uses a kinder voice and thinks about nothing except his children. He decides to BE Dad and nothing else.

The Incorrect BE

Some people will only assume one identity. They fail in life because they refuse to BE anything else.

For example, even though he wants a highly-successful accounting firm, Andy won't change his identity. "I don't care what anyone thinks. My accounting work is perfect. I'm going to BE whatever I want."

So Andy wears the same type of clothing he wore in college. He uses bad language, smokes fat cigars and throws paper airplanes around his office.

His partner Linda assumes the identity of a highly-successful accountant. She wears professional clothing, uses perfect English and keeps her office spotless.

Andy says, "Linda is phony. I know she's really a slob like me, but she goes around acting like some big shot. She makes me sick."

Linda ignores Andy and continues to BE a professional. Naturally, clients prefer to work with Linda as they trust her. She earns three times more money than Andy.

Eventually, Linda decides to BE a highly-successful accounting firm owner. As a result, she becomes the accountant for five big businesses, moves her practice to an expensive office suite and hires two new accountants. She is creating a million-dollar firm while Andy is still being a college student.

Two More Examples

Julio wants to get married, but the women he meets want nothing to do with him. He realizes he is BEING boring, unattractive and shy. He realizes BE is more important than DO or HAVE.

Julio changes his identity to be attractive, confident and cheerful. He wears his best clothes, forces himself to stand straight and adds a smile to his face. An attractive woman at his work notices him for the first time and smiles at him.

Beth wants to write a horse-training book on training horses. After working with horses for 20 years, she has discovered new training methods, but can never get past the title page. Beth learns the importance of BE.

She realizes she was trying to write a book while BEING a horse trainer instead of an author. She reads how her favorite writer writes before sunrise, drinks herbal tea and wears a yellow sweater. So Beth gets up before sunrise, brews some herbal tea and puts on a yellow sweater. She becomes a writer, not a horse trainer, and writes five pages in five minutes!


If you truly want to DO the actions necessary to HAVE what you want from life, work out and assume the correct BE. These steps might help you:

1. Write down something you want to HAVE.

2. Write down the actions you DO to get it.

3. Work out the identity you must BE. List the characteristics, attitudes, appearance, qualities and features of this identity.

4. Before starting the actions, BE the correct identity for the job. Assume the characteristics. Put on the hat.

5. Once you are being what you need to BE, you will feel anxious to start the DO. Jump in with both feet!

6. Ignore those who criticize you for being what you need to BE or doing what you need to DO to get what you want to HAVE from life. Once you reach your goals, these small people will also be jealous of your success.

7. If doing the job seems too difficult, you may need to back up a step and boost the BE. Expand the identity. Do a little research about the top people in the field. Add more traits and characteristics.

Who should you BE this week?

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