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TipsForSuccess: How Toxins Hurt Your Success


How Toxins Hurt Your Success

Toxin: A poisonous substance.

You are bombarded with toxins every day. Air pollution, water pollution and food chemicals get into your body. Toxins are in cleaning products, paint, fertilizers, construction material, bug sprays, even perfume. Medical drugs are also toxins that you receive during medical operations and dental visits, or through prescriptions.

Perhaps the worst toxins of all are street drugs: marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, speed and so on.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered three important facts about toxins:

1. Toxins, especially street drugs, have long-term effects on your personality. Even after you stop using drugs, you are never your old self. You may be less alert or less intelligent than before you took drugs. You may not be as patient, friendly or kind.

"Drugs can apparently change the attitude of a person from his original personality to one secretly harboring* hostilities and hatreds he does not permit to show on the surface." -- L. Ron Hubbard from "Clear Body, Clear Mind" page 13 (*harboring: holding in the mind; maintaining.)

Can remember how you felt before you took drugs. Was it easier for you to learn? Maybe you could think more clearly back then?

Success is difficult when you dislike or distrust people.

2. When you get toxins in your body, bits of these toxins do not leave. They can enter your blood at any time to hurt your personality and your ability to think.

"In the 1970s, working with cases of individuals who had been drug users, and in a study of their physical symptoms and behavioral patterns, I made a startling discovery.

"People who had been on LSD at some earlier time sometimes had reactions which appeared to act as if they had just taken more LSD!"

"LSD apparently stays in the system, lodging in the tissues, and mainly the fatty tissues of the body, and is liable to go into action again--giving the person unpredictable 'trips'--even years after the person has come off LSD."

"In the face of this discovery, was it then also possible that residues of other drugs could lock up in the system and at some point reactivate with similar, if less dramatic, effect?"

"Thus it seems that residues* of any or all of these hostile biochemical* substances apparently have the potential of remaining in the system, getting caught up in the tissues and remaining there, unsuspected, even after they have supposedly been eliminated from the body years earlier."-- L. Ron Hubbard
from "Clear Body, Clear Mind" pages 25-28 (*residues: the parts of something that remains) (*biochemical: the chemicals of a living system)

Clinical tests and medical autopsies prove that toxins do, in fact, get embedded in body tissues and can stay there until they are removed.

3. You can remove the stored toxins from your body through an intense program of sweating and nutrition. The program is called the Purification program.

"How does the Purification program work?

"Running is done to get the blood circulating deeper into the tissues where toxic residuals are lodged and thus act to loosen and release the accumulated harmful deposits and get them moving.

"Very important, then, is that the running is immediately followed by sweating in the sauna to flush out the accumulations which have now been dislodged.

"Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of megavitamin* and mineral dosages and extra quantities of oil are a vital factor in helping the body to flush out toxins and to repair and rebuild the areas that have been affected by drugs and other toxic residuals.

"A proper schedule with enough rest is mandatory, as the body will be undergoing change and repair throughout the program.

"These actions, carried out on a very stringently monitored basis, are apparently accomplishing a detoxification of the entire system, to the renewed health and vigor of the individual." -- L. Ron Hubbard
from "Clear Body, Clear Mind" pages 35-36 (*megavitamin dosages: large amounts of vitamins)


During the Purification program, most people can tell which toxins are moving out of their bodies. For example, On Day 2 your mouth might feel numb as the drugs, used by your dentist, are sweated out. On Days 4, 5 and 6 you might feel high from the marijuana you once smoked. On Day 7, as they flush out, you might smell the paint chemicals that you inhaled from your days as a painter.

Every day on the Purification program eliminates traces of toxins. You experience many ups and downs as the drugs and chemicals are rinsed out of your body. And then one day, near the end of your program, you feel cleaner and healthier than you have in years!

Nearly all of the 250,000 people who have completed the Purification program report one or more of the following benefits.

* Improved physical condition
* Clearer thinking
* More positive outlook on life
* Increased self-confidence
* Feeling younger
* More alert
* Increased energy
* Improved smell, taste, hearing, touch and vision
* Clean feeling

Any of these results significantly increase your chances of success.

For more information about the Purification program and the book "Clear Body, Clear Mind," visit This excellent website includes a list of organizations where you can receive the Purification program.

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