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TipsForSuccess: The Power of Your Imagination


The Power of Your Imagination (Part One)

If you were locked up in prison for ten years, how would you survive?

If you feel locked in a bad marriage, bad job or bad living arrangement, it might seem like you are in prison. The stress and depression can be unbearable.

Even waiting in long lines, traffic jams or boring meetings can feel like jail.

Luckily, you have the mental ability to improve your mood in any situation.

"Imagination is a good thing, not a bad thing. With daydreaming, for instance, a person can convert a not-too-pleasant existence into something livable." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Instead of feeling frustrated while sitting in a traffic jam, have a daydream about your next vacation. You can lay in your hospital bed for hours, with nothing to do, and enjoy a daydream about a shopping trip. You can spend an entire day in a jail cell while imagining a day at the beach.

Your imagination reduces your stress and lightens your mood. Instead of enduring life, you enjoy it. You control the dream; the dream does not control you.

Imagination is so powerful, it can do much more than make bad conditions more bearable.

"Imagination could be classified as the ability to create or forecast a future or to create, change or destroy a present or past."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

Destroy a Past

After being married to Bill for 10 years, Julie has an brief affair with an old boyfriend. She breaks off the affair and tells her husband Bill what she did.

One year later, Bill tells his friend, "I've tried, but I just can't forgive her. I want us to have a wonderful marriage, but all I can think about is her in a motel bed with her boyfriend."

Bill's friend, who knows the power of imagination, says, "Use your imagination to fix this. Imagine she never had the affair."

Bill does this. "Okay. Julie never even saw this guy. It never happened. She was shopping." He closes his eyes and puts his imagination to work. A few minutes later, he says, "Fantastic! I feel better about this. I even think I can forgive her now."

Of course, Bill knows Julie was unfaithful, but the past incident no longer ruins his marriage. He used his imagination to destroy the affair.

Change the Present

Liza works for a nasty, mean boss. "Liza! I told you to clean my bathroom first. Get to work you stupid cow!" She feels like crying whenever he yells at her.

Liza uses her imagination to change the present. "I'm going to imagine my boss is only five years old and I let him think he's really important."

Now, when the boss yells at Liza, she feels like smiling at his tantrum. Liza uses her imagination to change the present.

Create a Future

Three years after graduating from high school, Charles is still broke. "I work hard at my job at ABC Computers, but I just can't get ahead. I don't want to fix computers for the rest of my life."

Charles uses his imagination to create a future. "I will create a new website that millions of people will pay to use. It will be inexpensive for the user, but make me wealthy."

He daydreams about his new website every day. He thinks of several new ideas. He imagines how each website would work. Using his imagination, he even solves all the problems that may occur with his future website business.

Charles arranges to get transferred to the ABC Computers website design team. When his new boss recognizes his creativity, she gives him exciting new projects. Charles enjoys his new work a great deal. His pay doubles within a few months.

Charles keeps imagining his own website business and works on it at home every night.

Charles used his imagination to change his future.

Three More Ways to Use Your Imagination

1. Successful business owners are constantly imagining how they can give a better service or produce a better product. They turn these imagined improvements into reality.

As a worker, a great way to increase your income is to do the same. Use your imagination to see how you can make your work more valuable.

2. Use your imagination to feel happier. Mentally see yourself smiling and feeling good. Try it right now. Imagine you will feel energized and happy in 60 seconds.

3. Use your imagination to change any condition you dislike with your body. For example, if you are ill, imagine the disease slowly dissolving.

If you have a fat butt that you don't like, imagine it becoming skinny. If you dislike your bald head, imagine it full of hair. If you wish you were shorter or taller, use your imagination to raise or lower your height.

Don't be surprised if your body changes a bit!


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