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TipsForSuccess: Two Reasons People Might Dislike You

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Two Reasons People Might Dislike You

When people do not like you, they avoid you, disagree with you or ignore you. You try to explain how important you are, but no one agrees. They have no time for you, do not wish to talk to you and often misunderstand you.

So you take extra showers, use a better mouth wash and buy new clothes. You get a new hair cut, buy colored contact lenses and try a different deodorant. You try to be popular by avoiding unattractive, unimportant people. But for some reason, people still do not like you very much.

Possible Reason #1

"Asserting one's own importance is about as acceptable as a dead cat at a wedding."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

Do you know someone who constantly tells you how important he or she is? Do you admire and respect this person?

Explaining how important you are is a dead-end road. You turn people off.

The reverse is also true. When you make people feel important, they feel good and want to be around you. Your customers or clients are more cooperative when they believe you have a high opinion of them. Coworkers give you more support when you make them feel important.

Certain people are very sensitive about their importance. They get upset or angry if you treat them with less importance than they feel they deserve. In many cases, the less money, skill or power people have, the greater their need to feel important.

Giving or granting importance to others is a skill you can use to boost goodwill and cooperation. When you make people feel important, they trust you, believe you and like you. They make you successful.

Possible Reason #2

"Ignore people at your peril." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Do you know someone who walks with their nose in the air? Who ignores those beneath him or her? Who walks by you as if you do not exist?

You can ruin your success when you ignore people. For example, salespeople rarely get past receptionists when they treat receptionists like they do not exist. And receptionists get in trouble for ignoring people who look like a salespersons, but are actually VIPs.

Contrary to what you may have learned as a teenager, if you ignore people, they do not admire and respect you. Instead, they despise and hate you. Arrogance is not the same as popularity, power or expertise.

Never assume anyone is unimportant.


1. Instead of making yourself seem important, make other people feel important. Treat everyone you meet as a VIP.

2. Notice everyone you see. Give them your full attention and really listen to them.

"People have value and are important. Big or small they are important."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

With practice, you can notice people and make them feel important with just a glance. Such a skill gives you the respect, cooperation and friendship you need to succeed.

Work on it!

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