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TipsForSuccess: Part 3: How to Succeed with ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication)

How to Succeed with ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication)

"Understanding is composed of affinity, reality and communication." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Affinity: how well you like or love a person
Reality: how much agreement you have with a person; what you agree to be real
Communication: your exchange of information and ideas

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Part 4: ARC in Sales and Negotiations


Even if you are not a professional sales person or negotiator, you do sell and negotiate every day. For example, you might sell an idea to your boss, negotiate dinner plans with your spouse, sell your value as a worker to get a raise, convince someone to work for you, negotiate with your son to clean up his room and so on.


Unfortunately, many salespeople and negotiators are taught to treat prospects like the enemy. "Strip off their objections! Make them afraid to buy from anyone else! Push them into a corner! Take away their choices! Nail them to the wall! Push them hard until they agree!"

With the ARC Triangle, you put the relationship first and the sale second. You communicate with the person, have affinity for the person and then reach an agreement with the person. ARC is so powerful, it even makes bad salespeople into kind, helpful salespeople.

For example, if you try to sell something without first establishing good ARC, the prospect is not going to tell you how he or she feels.

"So are you ready to buy?"
"No, I want to think about it."
"What's there to think about?"
"None of your business."

If you are in good ARC, you get a different response.

"So are you ready to buy?"
"Well, I'm concerned about the price. Can you tell me again how your payment plan works?"

Salespeople with high ARC even get sales because of their excellent ARC! "She was just such a nice person, I couldn't say no."

Because your friendship is genuine, you do your best to reach an ethical, helpful agreement or sale.

People then tell you, "I'm so glad we worked out a deal where we both win!" "If you hadn't helped me, I would have bought the wrong insurance policy." "You really helped us solve so many problems with our finances. Now we can move into this wonderful home. Thank you!"

How to Establish ARC with New Contacts



This powerful quote can make anyone into a good salesperson or negotiator.

"The way to talk to a man, then, would be to find something to like about him and to discuss something with which he can agree." -- L. Ron Hubbard, from The Problems of Work

For example, if you are a smart car salesperson, you silently find something to like about the prospect as you approach. "I like how clean he keeps his car." Because you have created a little affinity for the prospect, he or she will find it easier to have affinity for you.

Then, you find something on which to agree. "Quite a nice day we're having, would you say?" "Do you like the look of that new model?" "I noticed that you keep your car in good condition."

When you attend business or social functions, you can make several new contacts with ARC. Simply walk up to someone, find something you like about him or her, then discover a point of agreement. "What do you like best about these gatherings?" "What is your opinion about _____(the meeting topic)_____?" "What business are you in?"

As a negotiator or deal maker, you have greater success when you first establish ARC with all parties. For example, when you first sit at the negotiation table, you look at each person and find something you like about each. "I like his suit, I like her hair, I like how bright he looks and I like how organized she is."

You then discuss something on which everyone can agree. "Does everyone agree that our goal today should be to find a deal that meets all our needs?" "Is it okay with everyone if I control the discussion?" "Can everyone work on this for two full hours without interruption?"

Magically, because you use ARC, you get more done in less time with greater results!




1. Write down a deal you would like to negotiate or an item you would like to sell this week.

2. Write down how you will establish ARC with the people involved.

3. Go do it!



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